Eating in and Out in Marausa, Trapani and beyond Local Cuisine, Restaurants & Cooking Affordable villa rental in Trapani Contact us:   +447980575998 It is highly unlikely that you will go hungry in Sicily... Fresh local produce is cooked to order in most restaurants or trattorias. You will also find that most are family owned eateries that care about your meal and experience. You won't find anything resembling McDonalds in Trapani, nor faceless chains like those on your local high street. You will find proper, traditional and hearty food. Visit RistorantiTrapani and type in a town or  village name in the province of Trapani to  see a list of nearby restaurants and menus.   Eating Out In Marausa After a day at the beach or driving around, you might want to eat out locally in the evening. There are two restaurants within a 5 and 10 minute walk of both villas. Both are owned by locals who we have known for years. Your money will go straight back into the local economy and not some faraway shareholder. Beach Bar & Restaurant (link) Sits alongside and out into the sea and can be found at the end of the road Villa Anna sits on. We have been frequenting this bar since 1983, not long after it opened. The food from the new restaurant is both affordable and delicious - and their outdoor dining area alongside the beach is wonderful. Try your luck asking for a 'sconto' (that's a discount) because you are staying at the 'English villa'! La Perla Restaurant (link) Lies about 500m along the coast by the Torre di Mezzo lighthouse and offers a wide selection of authentic seafood, pizza, pasta and vegetable dishes. Best of all the delicious wood oven pizzas can be ordered for takeaway at fraction of the UK price. La Perla's sister eatery in Trapani served the same recipe to the late great Keith Floyd in his 1996 'Floyd on Italy' BBC TV series. Pizza Chef Take-Away A little bit further afield, on Marausa town's little high street, sits Pizza Chef. A smaller but incredibly fast, tasty and cheap pizza take-away. Expect to pay about €10 for a truly massive pizza made and flash cooked before your very eyes. Like Pizza Chef, all pizzas in Sicily are baked in wood-burning stone ovens for that unique flavour. There are two other take-away pizzerias in Marausa and Palma.                         Trattoria Del Sale (link) In Nubia (on the way to Trapani) approximately 3 miles from the villas, you will find a charming little restaurant that is part of the local Salt Museum. Ideal for lunch or dinner after a visit, and very reasonably priced. Local Deli Counters & Bars Upon request, the local grocery stores in Marausa will make you up a bread panino with ham/cheese etc from their deli counters. You'll also find mini pizzas and a variety of sweet breads and cakes to scoff in the bakers and nearby confectioners. There are a few bars in Marausa town that offer snacks and nibbles to tide you over too. In the summer, two additional lido- bars set up on the Tritone beach selling drinks and snacks. Marausa’s Beach Bar & Restaurant sits alongside the sea Eating Out in Surrounding Towns Trapani : In Trapani you will find a plethora of restaurants in the older pedestrianised portion of the city and near the port. Our favourite is teh Calvino Pizzeria - a peculiar roomed restaurant with no website - where the locals head to eat the best pizza in the region - possibly the world. Booking is essential unless you’re happy with take-away. Find it at Via Nunzio Nasi, 91100 Trapani. There are too many to list here so visit RistorantiTrapani and type in 'Trapani' for some suggestions. Mount Erice : The choice of restaraunts 750m up on Erice may encourage you to stay up there for a romantic meal in one of the many restaurants such as Elimo, Ulisse, Monte S.Giuliano or La Pentolaccia and then walk the castle grounds overlooking the twinkling lights of western Sicily and the Egadi Islands. Egadi Islands : Fresh fish dishes on the Egadi Islands are delicious and Jamie Oliver was a guest Chef at one restaurant on Marettimo in his 2007 'Jamie's Great Escape' Channel 4 TV series. Click here for a list of several eateries on Favignana. Marsala : The road to Marsala has a few choice eateries including Villa Favorita, a large converted 19th century Villa and wine baglios. Other Towns : If you are looking for suggestions in the Trapani province, visit RistorantiTrapani and type in the town or village name to see a list of restaurants and menus in that area. Cooking & Eating in the Villas If you have the energy to cook after all that sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing, then you could stock up on supplies at the local grocers, or venture further afield to the more traditional markets in Paceco and Trapani. These are proper Sicilian street markets where you get to try the cheese and olives before you buy, and haggle over the price of clothes! There is regionally famous fish market in the eastern side Trapani where the day's catch is sold. Most of the produce sold in the open markets is locally produced and tastes delicious. Bread can be bought daily from the bakers in Marausa or whilst out and about on your travels. If you'd prefer to stay put, we can normally arrange for the mobile butcher, fishmonger and grocers to call in at the villas on their rounds. There are of course large supermarkets in Trapani should you need them. For a small fee we can do your shopping for you. If you would like to learn how to cook like the locals, we can arrange Sicilian cookery courses with local restaurants during your holiday. For those of you who want to spend a bit more on more locally sourced products, visit some of the smaller shops on Via Fardella in Trapani, or head up Mount Erice. Sun-dried tomatoes, sea salt, tinned Tuna, grated Tuna eggs, herb seasoning, almond biscuits and wine are all locally produced products. If you are buying wine, you can buy local produce in most local supermarkets in either 75cl & 5L bottles, 5L boxes or 1L cartons. Alternatively, you can dive straight up to the Cantina’s on surrounding roads and fill up an empty bottle in exchange for some loose change. Both villas have gas hobs/ovens, electric kettles, fridge freezers, cutlery, cooking pots, crockery and glasses. Villa Anna has a microwave oven/grill and a permanent garden barbecue. La Cascinetta and Casa Tritoni both have kitchens with ovens and outdoor BBQs. Tipping, Payment & Credit Cards It’s custom to tip 10-15% in restaurants. Most outlets (except markets stalls) take the two major credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and their Debit Card relatives (Delta, Cirrux, Maestro), but do check first. As with most of Europe acceptance of Diners Club and American Express is not widespread and will probably incur a fee. Cash is always welcome, but try not to use high denomination Euro banknotes in smaller outlets as they may not have enough change. We are not responsible for the content or services provided by external websites.          FAQ & Weather     Information Archive         Travel Advice    Activities & Events