The Province of Trapani Affordable villa rental in Trapani Contact us:   +447980575998    City of Trapani Beyond the West Click to select a different area of interest The Provincia di Trapani covers most of Western Sicily The Province of Trapani covers an area in excess of 2,459km² and is home to over 436,000 inhabitants. It is the western most province in Sicily, closer to Africa than mainland Italy, and bordered by Palermo to the east, Agrigento to the south, the Mediterranean sea to the west and the Tirrenian Sea to the north. We strongly recommend you hire a car to properly experience the wealth of culture and heritage that rests in every corner of Trapani province. ‘LO ZINGARO’ NATURE RESERVE A little bit further on along the coast from San Vito and before Castellammare DG is ‘lo Zingaro. As nature reserves go, this is Sicily’s most famous. In 1980, locals campaigned to stop a new coastal road that was set to destroy this coastline. A law was passed in 1981 safeguarding the 1,700ha area for future generations to enjoy. With a score of beaches, marine life, caves, coves and many rocky inlets, indigenous flora, fauna and mountain paths there is something for everyone here. Within the Zingaro, there is also the Uzzo cave, a natural monument, which still bears traces of the first prehistoric settlements in Sicily. The Reserve can only be visited by foot once you have left your car at the entrance. Visit riservazingaro. In summer months there is a park & ride bus. It is well organised with paths, signs and staff and it’s well worth the trek. Take lots of water and stay for memorable day. Approx. 60 minute drive from Marausa. MOZIA On the way to Marsala you will pass Mothia - a Pheonecian island archipelago with excavated Roman mosaics, Pheonecian harbour and Whittaker archaeological museum. Take the ferry or hire sea kayaks for a fun short journey across the waist-deep channel and explore the island. A causeway lies just below the surface of the sea and you may see one of the horses and carts that still use it. As well as the archaeology on the island, there is a small free salt museum, much like the one in Nubia near Trapani and a small bar. MARSALA The Arabic influence in Western Sicily can be traced back to Marsala. The city takes its name from Mars-Allah, the old Arabic name meaning 'Port of Allah' on account of its strategic position on the old Trade Routes to the Middle East. Inside the old walled city you will find daily markets and jewellers lining the marble-paved streets, yes, marble streets – this was once a very affluent city! One of the world's only examples of a preserved Phoenician boat can be found in one of the three well sign posted museums here. Marsala is where they make the delicious dessert wine of the same name and there are many cantinas to explore in the city and its suburbs - most of which offer organised tours, wine tasting and dinner. We are not responsible for the content or services provided by external websites.

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Something for Everyone From 2000-year old temples, restored Roman amphitheatres, and excavated Pheonecian cities,  Norman Castles and abandoned monasteries to village markets, coastal nature reserves, atmospheric hill towns and truly magnificent beaches and coves - the Province of Trapani has something for every kind of tourist itinerary, and holiday maker. Find places with the map on the right and watch the YouTube linked videos for more information.
CASTELLAMARE DEL GOLFO & SCOPELLO Castellammare del Golfo dominates the wide gulf, seat of the ancient emporium of Segesta, it was the main port for Erice and Segesta during the pre-Hellenic period. In the 1970s the port was exposed as the Mafia’s secret transfer point for USA-bound drugs. It is now enjoying a renaissance in exporting agricultural products and salted tuna. There’s a Cathederal and castle to explore with C15th fresco’s and statues. Nearby is Scopello, two evocative little bays - one a perfect bay enclosed by cliffs and the other sheltered by ‘faraglioni’ and the ruins of the old Tuna Cannery complex. Catherine Zeta Jones’ swimming scenes in Ocean’s 12 were filmed in this romantic resort. Between 45-60 minutes drive from Marausa, Trapani.
ALCAMO Near Segesta (10 minutes more on the motorway) lies the hilltop cathederal town of Alcamo and the volcanic thermal springs, mud ponds and swimming pool. Once famous for its Mafia connections, now reinventing itself with its tasty bread and long wide surfing beach at Alcamo Marina. The town had three cathedrals, but if you are in need of rest and recouperation after all that sightseeing, directions are provided to our booking guests for the hard to find volcanic thermal springs and mud baths only really known to locals. SEGESTA 30 minutes from Marausa the snaking viaduct of the A29 motorway will take you across valleys and through tunnels. One tunnel measures 1.5km long and was built to preserve Segesta - an intact Roman amphitheatre & temple set high above a spectacular valley. The views of it and from it are inspiring - even the motorway was designed to fit in with the stunning vista. During Spring and Summer, the 2000 year old amphitheatre is still
used for live performances of plays and music. See  festivalsegesta for the annual event programme and further details. Tickets for this attraction also allow you entry within 3 days to the Greek Temples at Selinunte, further south along the coast.