Palermo, Agrigento and the rest of Sicily Affordable villa rental in Trapani Contact us:   +447980575998 Click to select a different area of interest If you have time and a car, explore a little further. As you are probably begining to realise, there is already a lot to see and do in western Sicily - but, if you have the benefit of a hire car, there is nothing to stop you exploring the neighbouring provinces of Palermo (to the east) and Agrigento (to the south). We’ve also mentioned a couple of more distant attractions such as the Etna volcano, that will certainly interest you, but require you to hire a car and drive for a few hours.    City of Trapani Province of Trapani CITY OF PALERMO Palermo is Sicily’s capital and lies about 90 minutes from Marausa by motorway. It is itself is rich in architecture and culture. The busy modern streets are lined with big fashion-house stores and international chains like McDonalds. However, down the narrow lanes you’ll find hidden courtyards with local restaurants, unique shops and an Arabic quarter. Make use of one of our guidebooks at the villa to find your way to the older part of the city where bends reveal spectacular cathedrals and museums - and the Church catacombs below ground full of mummified bodies that you can walk amongst! Film buffs amongst you will spot the steps outside the Teatro Massimo where Al Pacino filmed a famous scene in The Godfather III – others will just love the architecture. The busy harbour has ships departing for destinations all over Europe and Africa and you'll find an adventure water-park on the southern fringe of the city. Whatever it is you are looking for, Palermo has something for everyone. See the  palermotourism website for more details. MONREALE & MONTELEPRE If you want something smaller and less busy than Palermo, visit the mountain town of Monreale in the hills above Palermo. With its small lanes, bars, amazing Cathedral, enormous trees and picnic park with wide panoramic views of Palermo it is the perfect stop-off from a hectic day in Palermo. Montelepre also sits in these hills and is the home of the Sicilian 'Robin Hood' Salvatore Giuliano. Authorities allegedly colluded with the Mafia to execute this folklore hero in the 1950s when he tried to expose state corruption. PIAZZA ARMERINA Over 3 hours drive inland lays Piazza Armerina If archaeological excavations interest you then this is a must. Renowned the world over this excavated Roman Villa comprises over 56 fully preserved mosaics and friezes and captures the decadent Roman lifestyle in a 'megapixel resolution' of its time. ETNA & THE EAST The only active surface volcano in Europe is approximately 5½ hours from our holiday homes in Marausa Lido, Trapani. We advise common sense and caution if you are considering this trip in the summer months. Set out before dawn, carry lots and lots of of water and share the 11 hour return drive. A more practical option would be to stay overnight in a Bed & Breakfast once there. It is also worth pointing out that the eastern end of Sicily is much more built up and geared towards mass tourism than the quieter, more traditional and unspoilt west and south. SELINUNTE Past Marsala on the coast facing Africa lies Selinunte – site of the 2000 year old Greek city of Selinus. There are ruined temples, underground passages and a very hot beach. Selinunte website. MAZARA DEL VALLO & GIBELLINA The nearby town of Mazara del Vallo offers a museum and much Baroque architecture. The whole area is best known for Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s literary masterpiece The Leopard; set in the 1860s, and based upon childhood days at his grandmother’s Palace in the village of S.M.di Belice. Here too lies the ghost-town of Gibellina, abandoned after the devastating Earthquake that hit the region in 1968 killing 400 and leaving 50,000 homeless. The town was rebuilt 19km to the west and a poignant 300m x 200m memorial to the dead called ‘Il Cretto’ was erected over the ruins of the village with the buildings ‘re-built’ 2m high in liquid concrete around the original street pattern. Click here to see it on Google satellite maps. AGRIGENTO 3 hours south along the coast lie a series of surviving Doric temples looking out over the sea. They are set on top of a ridge of cliffs and date from 581BC. The remains of the ancient city of 'Akragas' were described by H.Adams in 1899 as “Athens with Improvements”. This ‘Valley of the Temples’ is the most captivating of all Greek remains in Sicily and are unique outside Greece for their completeness. We are not responsible for the content or services provided by external websites.