Tree Planting & Composting We are responsible for many trees on our properties - planted from the 1970s onwards. We plant 2-3 trees a year on our agricultural land, alongside the produce we grow. We use locally sourced manure to fertillise our soil and allow the local shepherd in with his flock to keep the weeds low after harvest. We try to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can. We also encourage guests to offset to their own flight emissions at ClimateCare or by walking or cycling to the beach. Water Conservation The properties are connected to the drinkable water mains and we encourage guests to drink this healthy mountain sourced water, rather than buy bottled water. All cisterns have been fitted with UK-style 'Water Hippos' since 1998 to reduce the amount of water used in a flush. In the summer, water for the shower and hot water taps is 60% heated by the sun. Recycling & Shopping Bags We have recently installed facilities to make it easier for guests to recycle their plastics, glass and metals and provide stronger re-usable canvas shopping bags for guests to use. Local Economy Running a responsible tourism operation in this area means we can direct our guests to markets and local shops and restaurants who source their produce and wares locally. We guide guests away from the chain stores and supermarkets and encourage them to visit the fish market in Trapani or buy fruit and veg direct from the farmers roadside stall in Marausa next to the fields in which it was grown. We employ a local person to carry out the cleaning, investing in the community. We also let the local shepherd use part of our land to grow food on for his family and graze his sheep on the fallow parts of our farmland.                We’ve been ‘green’ since 1975! Here at puresicily we are committed to improving our green credentials and operating our business responsibly with due regard for the environment and local community. To this end, we've done many things over the years to help the local environment and economy. We are signed up to 10:10 and comitted to being more ethical and environmentally sound. We encourage our guests to shop locally, buy locally grown fruit and vegetables, conserve water and offset their carbon footprint. Sustainability Affordable villa rental in Trapani Contact us:   +447980575998 Sustainable Produce We grow our own vegetables and fruit, Tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, olives, apples, peaches, oranges, aubergines, grapes. When in season, some of this produce is provided to guests in the welcome basket. Outside of these times, we source our vegetables, meat and fresh produce from the local grocers in Marausa or Paceco, the majority of who's suppliers come from the Trapani Region. Lighting & Appliances The majority of internal lighting in both villas, together with the outdoor lights were switched over to low energy bulbs in 2005. Our manuals for the villas urge guests to turn items like the TV/DVD player off when not in use. Our washing machines and Fridges are energy efficient models and we advocate using the roof and sun to dry clothes! We are currently investigating PV Solar Panel and wind turbine options for our properties. Bicycles Whilst we do recommend car hire to properly explore Sicily - To encourage guests not to drive locally, we have 4 free bicycles available at Villa Anna for daily trips to the beach and shops. Running the Business All the paper we use to run the business with is recycled or sustainably sourced and our printer cartridges are all recycled. We try to print as little as possible now, instead providing PDF copies of our documents for guests to download. Our website provides repeated references and links to sites such as 10:10, ClimateCare and Seat 61. We use local builders, local ironmongers, carpenters, stonemasons and mechanics. What Our Guests Can Do To Help  • Be careful not to waste water or electricity. • Learn a little Italian and make an effort to use it. • Recycle waste responsibly using the facilities provided. • Treat local people fairly and equally and tip appropriately. • Buy local produce from local shops and roadside farm stalls. • Drive less and make use of the bicycles provided at the villas. • Combine car shopping trips with return journeys from days out. • Try to buy foodstuffs with little or no packaging and re-use bags. • Don’t pick local flowers/plants or remove archaeological artefacts. • Consider getting to Sicily by Train by checking your options at Seat 61. • Offset your flight emissions by making a contribution online at ClimateCare. • Offset your flight emissions by buying a sapling tree at for us to plant on our land.