Trapani, Erice, Paceco and the Egadi Islands The city of Trapani is 9km from Marausa Lido and its dense busy streets are home to approximately 70,000 residents. The city was originally built as a port for the city of Erice nearly 2000 years ago and called ‘Drepanon’ by the Pheonecians on account of its similarity to a scythe. Over time the name evolved to Trapani, but the reliance upon the sea continued with salt production and fishing being the main source of employment even until recent times. The City of Trapani and its Surroundings Affordable villa rental in Trapani Contact us:   +447980575998 Province of Trapani Beyond the West Click to select a different area of interest TRAPANI Trapani is the capital city of the province and comprises about 70,000 people. It is famous for its fish and salt. As you approach the town, you will drive past the 'saline' salt-pans and salt museum & restaurant in Nubia. The Historic Moorish and Baroque parts of the city can be explored on foot via the narrow, cobbled pedestrianised streets. There are several historical Palazzos, Churches and Cathedrals to visit. Notably the ‘Chiesa del Purgatorio’ which contains the wooden ‘Misteri’ statues of Christ and Mary that are used in the world famous Easter parades through the city. Trapani’s ancient name is MONTE ERICE A city (village) steeped in history and atmosphere, you won't be able to miss seeing 751m high Monte Erice, which has a medieval village, castle, museum and some wonderful restaurants & bars - perfect for a romantic evening out or to tire your kids out on all the hilly cobbled streets! The villagers and monks make their own speciality cakes, marzipan and liqueur up there, so treat yourself. There are ATMs in the town square if you need to refill your wallet… Whether it's night or day the views of western Sicily and the Egadi Islands are great from up here as on clear days you can see Pantelleria and its rumoured that Cape Bon in Africa  can be glimpsed (Trapani is closer to Africa than it is to mainland Italy). If you are going to propose anytime soon, plan it for here! In summer months there are many open air concerts and plays performed here alongside the ruined monastery, cathederal and castle. In the evening it can get cool so remember a jumper or light jacket - And don't forget your camera! We recommend driving to Trapani and catching the cable-car up to the top to save all that carbon and gear crunching – with the added benefit that no one has to keep an eye on the road and miss the views! Pope John Paul II visited Erice in 2002. Despite a population of just 29,000 Erice has nearly 60 churches, although some are in ruins and no longer used for worship. A two day classic car race takes place up and down Erice every year in September. There’s something for everyone - If you only go to one place during your holiday, make it Erice! PACECO A small village famous for its purple garlic and wine – both are available to buy in local shops. There are 3 large Wine Cantinas on the outskirts of Paceco where you can buy strong local wines for about €1 a litre. In good years, some of these wines find their way to the shelves of your local Waitrose, Tesco and Morrisons. Paceco has a weekly food and clothing market (check with us), and between July and August there are events every evening in the town square such as bazaars, basketball, dancing, music, comedy and drama. EGADI ISLANDS A 20 minute hydrofoil ride from Trapani will take you to Favignana - the largest of three islands and the best equipped for families. The other two are called Levanzo and Marettimo. You can hire bikes or mopeds here (take photo ID) to whizz you round the island's many beaches, bars and maze of streets - or catch a hopper bus. Tuna was once Favignana's main industry and in May/June you can catch the annual Tuna Mattanza - a centuries old method where tuna are surrounded by a ring of boats and caught in a large net. 100 year old quarries can also be explored. Culture aside, the water out here is crystal clear, and the sun is baking hot. The waters are ideal for diving and swimming, and there are boat trips around the islands grottos from the quayside. There are very few trees on the island, so cover yourself in cream as it's very easy to burn. Enjoy an ice cream or caldo-freddo in the town's tranquil cobbled square before you catch the boat home. If you stay late then you'll see the square come alive at night with music, families and couples ambling around. We are not responsible for the content or services provided by external websites.
Drepanon, meaning ‘scythe’. At the tip of this scythe you can also visit the museum of Prehistory in the Torre di Ligny lighthouse on the most seaward point of Trapani. Along the approach roads to Trapani sit three large supermarkets, with the weekly produce market not far away alongside the port. Most shops are located along the Via GB Fardella Boulevard that dissects the town. Trapani is also where you can catch the Hydrofoil and/or ferry to the Egadi Islands and the cable-cars up Monte Erice. There is a new Lido beach east of the centre. The central boulevard in has many Ice Cream Bars and piazzas. You can take a return cable car ride up to Erice for a few Euros - saving you the long drive. In the older part of Trapani you will find an array of restaurants on the small cobbled streets. They may not look that grand, but inside the food is fresh, local and delicious. Visit trapaniwelcome or visitrapani for more details or watch the videos below. Trapani is just 9km from Marausa Lido.
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